Crazy Mascots

12 02 2009

Sometimes sports gets too serious, and we need a break to lighten up. That is exactly what mascots are for. And that is exactly what we’re (I’m) about here in my sports blog. Apparently, all of these mascots are the same person.
It might be, but nevertheless, enjoy. I promise you’ll like it.


The Diesel Levels Wallace

8 02 2009

Who said basketball isn’t a contact sport?

As you can see, Shaq completely makes waste of Gerald Wallace in a game January 23, 2009.

He’s still got it.

2010 Olympic Oval

6 01 2009

My Christmas break was full of fun, including partying with friends and family and a visit to the Richmond Olympic Oval, the Olympic venue for speed skating in 2010.

I must say, though I’ve never learned to skate, it was a bunch of fun. I ripped it up on one of those handle things that look like old people walking cage whats-a-ma-doodles, and that’s no lie.

Not only was the building beautiful on the outside, it was also amazing inside. When I walked in, there were many Olympians done training and leaving or just hanging about. There’s also a very intense fitness centre. Public skate and the weight lifting are available to the public. They range from $4.50 to $12.50 depending on your age. Or you could get the 60 day pass for $60.

When 2010 comes, I’m sure we’ll see an exciting Olympics, as the Oval gave me a fun experience.

My favourite Athletes, part 2

4 12 2008

Eversince my first part, here, I’ve been getting more hits steadily, and it accounts for over half of my views. And why not? I’m sure everyone enjoys a little Allison Stokke in their life.

I know I do.

But that’s not what we’re here for today. This time, I’ve come to honor some of my other favourite athletes, of the girl-ular variety.

Stephanie Rice

Born in June 17, 1988, she currently holds the world record for 200m and 400m individual medley, winning 3 golds at t

he Beijing Olympics. She was born in Brisbane, Australia. I don’t know about you, but I find the Aussie accent just tantalizing.

Recently, her facebook account had pictures deemed too raunchy for Swimming Australia, so she had to take them off…though not before getting over 1.7 million hits. And I wouldn’t blame all 1.7 million, as the pictures showed her in a questionable police uniform.

Of course, the pictures were taken off and replaced with more wholesome pictures of her modeling in her swimsuit.

Ellen Hoog

Ellen winning gold at the Olympics with her less attractive friend

I certainly love the foreign girls. Ellen Hoog, born March 26, 1986 in Bloemendaal (Netherlands), is a member of the Dutch field hockey team. She was part of the Dutch squad that became World Champion at the 2006 Women’s Hockey World Cup. As well she won the 2008 Olympics with the Dutch team.

Not only is she talented in field hockey, a sport that I suddenly now have interest in, she has also starred in the movie “Goud”. The movie is a documentary that will absolutely teach you nothing what-so-ever about hockey, but will entertain you nonetheless.

Lolo Jones

Lori Jones, also known as Lolo Jones, was born August 5, 1982. She went through a tough childhood. She went to eight schools in eight years while her single mother, Lori, often held down two jobs to support her family of six. In 3rd grade, her family settled in the basement of a Des Moines church. There was a camp at the church in the summer and Lolo would wake up early to avoid being teased by other kids if they found out she was living in the basement.

When her family wanted to move to Forest City, she begged her mom not to go somewhere without track and field, telling her that she wanted to pursue her dream. And pursue her dream was exactly what she did. She won three NCAA titles gaining 11 All-American honors while at LSU. She also won an indoor national titles in 2007 and 2008 in the 60m hurdles. Lolo also won her first world championship in 2008 in 60 m hurdles.

It was heartbreaking in the Beijing Olympics. She was expected to win the 100m hurdles, but clipped the 9th hurdle, losing her first place position, coming in at 7th. She fell to the floor crying, mouthing “why?why?” I felt her pain when I watched. Despite all her hard work, she ended up in a crushing defeat. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also a determined person, overcoming many obstacles.

Brazil vs. Argentina Soccer Ads

29 11 2008

Oh, you crazy South Americans…

Right before the 2002 World Cup Qualifiers, a condom company in Argentina made this ad:

If you dont understand, Im not explaining

Unfortunately for them, Brazil won that match. This made the Brazillian Football (yes, everyone else in the world calls it that) organization create this ad:

“It was not the first time, neither will it be the last. Brasil 3 X 1 Argentina.”

Very witty and tasteless — just the type of humour I like.

Michael Phelps is a sexy jerk who eats Subway.

21 11 2008

Move over Jared. Subway has a new face. When you eat 12,000 calories a day, it usually doesn’t matter what you eat. However, Michael Phelps chooses Subway, signing a deal to be endorsed by the sandwich making restaurant.

In other news, People magazine recently voted him one of the sexiest men alive, not that it concerns me though…

Also, about two weeks ago, this went down in Village Idiot Pizza & Pub in Columbia, S.C. Michael Phelps distracted a girl while his friend dumped a bucket of ice on her.

Luckily, the girl saw it was Michael Phelps and let it go.

Hopefully, the greatest swimmer in the world won’t think that he can do anything, just because he’s Michael Phelps.

Meeting Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek

13 11 2008

This picture sits next to my on my desk

Last Saturday, November 8th, I got the chance to meet Olympic rower and gold medalist in the men’s 8+ event, Adam Kreek. I row for the school team, so it was an honour to talk to him. Standing at 6’4″, over 200lbs, the winner of 9 world championships and world cups was a truly intimidating figure, despite his friendly, humble manner.

But why was he at a little Bantam hockey tournament in the Ladner Liesure Centre? In case you missed it, when Canada won the men’s 8 event, Adam Kreek sang his heart out in the form of “O’ Canada” with such enthusiasm that the phrase “Sing Like Kreek” started. His singing was an inspiration for Canadian triathlon silver medalist Simon Whitfield, who wrote “sing like Kreek” on the bars of his bike, and repeating the phrase to himself as he finished.

He wants to tour the Canadian NHL cities, singing and rowdy-ing up the crowds. He came so that we could sing like him too. Equipped with a decibel meter, he measured just how loud the little crowd of maybe 100 could sing. I personally sang my heart out, but I felt that the crowd just wasn’t as inspired as I was. We got a grand total of 94 decibels; I wasn’t sure just how loud it was, but apparently, 85 decibels begins ear damage, and 100 decibels is the max volume of a normal car or house stereo.

The highlight of my night was definitely getting the picture signed and talking to Adam Kreek, though he relayed through three things to write (“Sing Like Me”, “Smiles are Golden”, and of course “Seize the Moment”) I will keep the picture to inspire me to work harder, so that maybe one day I’ll be as big and strong as him (probably not), and so that our team wins nationals this year (very possible).

If When I do win nationals come June, 2009, I will seize the moment, and sing like Kreek.